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The Debut Album

"Salt & Bone" Available Now!

Sadie Nardini and Salt & Bone

Sadie Nardini and her band, Salt & Bone is an indie-tribal-rock experience you can both move...and feel to. Fronted by the mesmerizing vocalist Sadie Nardini, her band, Salt & Bone is a collaboration of celebrity and top-level musicians, and often, their surprise guests' performances call the audience to feel, dance and sing along with the drum, bass, keys, guitar and harmony-centered sonic extravaganza.

Salt & Bone

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Coming To You Next

  • Aug5-7
  • ARISE Music Festival
    Loveland, CO
  • Tix
  • Special guest guitarist Bibi McGill (Beyonc√©, Pink, La Ley, Paulina Rubio)

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